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What is OmniFabric?

OmniFabric is a new software platform designed specifically to act as a springboard for next generation computing.

For the last 50 years 3GL programming languages have shaped the way we think about computing. Their restrictions have inhibited even the most innovative of disciplines, (artificial intelligence, agent technologies, cooperative computing etc).

3GL languages have brought us a long way but they carry some serious restrictions and if we're going to move forward we need to break through these barriers.

By delivering any solution from the smallest device to the largest global platform OmniFabric was designed to break the grip that 50 year old technologies have on the software marketplace.

OmniFabric enables change by:

Delivering a commercial model with no large doorsteps or barriers to entry

Bringing extreme simplicity to testing and deployment

Allowing any device to take on any computing task

Making the power of programming accessible to non-technical people

Using the Internet naturally and transparently

Making cooperative working so easy that it completely changes the way we think about technology and location

Making complex tasks simple

For many organisations the I.T department is an obstacle to change - killing agility and dulling their competitive edge.

For researchers, scientists, innovators, inventors and dreamers 3GL languages present a cost and time barrier, stifling lofty goals and making amazing dreams more....well....'realistic'.

Start from a better place.

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