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Cooperative Working

A New Kind of Agent

In order to understand how an OmniFabric cloud delivers benefits it is first necessary to understand a little more about the platform itself.

OmniFabric uses a new kind of Agent technology.

It was designed to be able to carry all of the information and resources it needs to any target platform where it carries out its task before returning to the host platform.

The task can be a whole operation or any part thereof. This means that:

Any task requiring more power than is available to the host can be executed elsewhere

If there is a need to use a physical attribute of another platform, (a sensor for example), then the Agent can move to that box and execute with a single step

Agents can move from system to system looking for a particular resource and then return to the originating host

When the Agent moves from one platform to another it can carry:

Data, (tables, rows, Items or entire databases)

Media, (music, video, images etc)

Applications, (OmniFabric or third party)

Any documents or other binary objects

OmniFabric carousels, (containers full of applications - see below)

A Ride on the Carousel

The Carousel was designed to allow any OmniFabric node to carry multiple applications and switch between them as needed.

Applications can be loaded or unloaded from the Carousel at any time and the active application can be changed based on on automated schedule. This allows:

Simple management of upgrades, (upgrades can be rolled out to a large group of nodes in stages and then activated simultaneously)

Rapid switching of cloud nodes to handle unexpected volumes

Simple roll-back or failover in the event of an unexpected failure

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