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Distributed Data

Data with Intelligence

Everything in OmniFabric is housed within a specially designed network database. When combined with the OmniFabric Agent architecture this creates exciting new ways to use and distribute data.

The platform allows all or part of a database to be split and distributed across any number of nodes with integrity maintained by Agents.

This gives far greater control over where sensitive data is stored and how it is used.

OmniFabric also allows rapid replication of data providing simple solutions to:

Maintaining complex data sets in a remote mobile device even if a network connection is lost

Creating and synchronising cached copies for fast performance over poor or unreliable networks

Building subsets for high-performance searching or other meta-data repositories

A New Way To Think About Privacy

This new architecture creates exciting possibilities around protection and privacy of data.

OmniFabric can protect data within smart agents, preventing it from being moved to another system unless the Agents move with it. The following are just a few of the potential applications for this new technology:

Informing the owner each time an item of data is used

Allowing private individuals control over who can use their personal data

Allowing financial transactions to carry their own rules for commission etc

Forcing any item of data to carry its own application or transactional web site with it

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