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The Joy of Clouds

Wandering Lonely as a Cloud

The recent development of cloud computing can offer an organisation significant advantages over self-hosting:

Lower hosting costs

Reduced scalability risks, (in some cases)

Lower desktop costs

Easier application management

However, the current model also brings a number of disadvantages:

Location/security of data, (sometimes causing compliance issues for sensitive data)

Integration costs

Lack of adequate compensation in the event of failure

Most early adopters have found the most serious drawback to be the relative isolation of the cloud itself. If there is a need to share data between two systems on the same estate it is generally easy to connect directly over an internal network.

Once one of those systems is in the cloud the data is effectively isolated, at best available through a high level service interface or more likely through a large and cumbersome overnight export.

Perversely this can mean an unexpected drop in flexibility/agility and an increase in cost of ownership!

OmniFabric was designed to enable a new approach to clouds - offering far greater flexibility.

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