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Simply Abstracted

The vital third feature that makes OmniFabric simpler to program lies in Abstraction.

Comprehensible language and drawn solutions would be of little use if each drawn item replaced a single line of code. Complex programmes would be replaced by equally complex diagrams!

OmniFabric resolves this by allowing assembly of Agents at a much higher level of abstraction.

What this means in real terms is that for most jobs OmniFabric can deliver an equivalent solution to traditional coding with a fraction of the instructions or steps, (in some cases, thousands of times less).

Surely Detail Must Be Needed Sometimes?

If a detailed solution is required it can still be developed traditionally and seamlessly integrated into OmniFabric which enhances it by describing its interfaces in simple language and making it available to Agents and Fabrics.

This is only usually necessary for development of physical interfaces or native device drivers.

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