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Follow The Flow

OmniFabric delivers 3 main features that make it simple to program. The first is that OmniFabric nodes are 'programmed' by drawing charts, not by complex coding.

These charts are then executed directly, not converted to code, giving extremely rapid performance.

Only six instructions are needed to offer as powerful a solution as any of the 3GL languages available today.

A screenshot is shown below:

Natural Language

OmniFabric allows everything to be described using normal language in full sentences. when combined with the diagrammatic interface this offers the following additional benefits:

Processes are largely self describing, making them much easier to support and extend

Loops and decisions are easy to identify and understand

Translation to other languages can be achieved without having to do any redevelopment, the same process can be maintained in multiple languages at the same time!

Processes can be laid out clearly to aid understanding and additional visual comments can be added

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