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Safety In Numbers

The Power of Application Fabrics

Many of the biggest risks arising from the Internet of Things are volume related:

High volumes of rich content

'Waves' of transactional data from many devices

The number of parties who will need to interact with a device

The complexity of device interactions

Omnifabric addresses these issues by a combination of protocol efficiency and the use of intelligence in the source device to minimise over-communication.

However, as smaller intelligent devices appear in larger numbers management also becomes a significant challenge.

Consider the following simplified example of a next generation RFID replacement attached to an item for sale in a retail store:

The Management Challenge

In the above example we see that a single RFID device requires:

Many layers of security and access control

Complex updates to software and infrastructure platforms

Regular and rapid updates to content and media

Many of these updates will have to be replicated across thousands of items of the same type at the same time, other updates may be across millions of items at the same item.

OmniFabric makes all of this easy with a combination of Application Fabrics and Intelligent Agents. These two technologies are built into every OmniFabric Node, making them availble on every device.

This allows for management of large groups of devices as simply, (and cheaply), as a few might be managed today.

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