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Rich Devices

The Capability of a Data-Centre in Every Device

The work done in most areas of the IoT so far has resulted in a server centric model where large numbers of relatively simple devices use more capable centralised servers to perform complex tasks.

The OmniFabric solution enables every device, (from the largest data-centre to the smallest nano-bot), to run rich and complex applications, (see below):

Intelligent Autonomy

This allows any device to be far more capable, giving a wider range of options for intelligent autonomous or peer-to-peer operations including:

Built in web sites for management. monitoring, operation etc

Built in content and media management

Optional built in development environment allowing development and debugging from any web browser

Manageable rules, process and event models

Network, relational and media databases, (including distributed database functionality)

Advanced security gatekeeper

An Application Fabric node allowing multiple Fabric membership with all of the associated benefits, (see next page)

OmniFabric has been designed to offer all of these capabilities in under 1MB of RAM, (excluding data and assets), allowing it to run on even the tiniest of platforms.

If the platform offers a slow CPU OmniFabric can cooperate with the other devices on the Fabric to farm out complex operations to a more powerful device in real-time. This does not require additional programming!

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