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The Story So Far

The Current Case for the IoT

Connecting 'smart' devices via the Internet has so far been acheived using a variety of protocols and has delivered the following benefits:

Cheap, ubiquitous connectivity, (removes the need to set up and operate expensive private networks)

Maintaining current software/firmware levels

Purchasing and deploying new applications

Centralised monitoring

Centralised management

Tracking location, (essentially a 'killer application' for the IoT)

Personalisation and localisation of services

Authentication, access control and authorisation, (payments etc)

Rich content delivery, (movies, TV etc)

Emerging Standards

There are many groups attempting to establish standards for describing devices on the IoT but the challenge is extremely broad and they are starting from a place that is constrained by the high complexity and narrow scope of our existing technology solutions.

Separate standards are being developed by various different organisations including the following areas:

Capability definition and description

Peer-to-peer communication

Group working

Media definiiton and delivery

Numbering, naming and addressing

Tagging and triggering, (including analytics)

Security and Privacy

At the time of writing none of these standards are complete, ratified, agreed or implemented.

OmniFabric already delivers all of these things and much more from a single platform with one protocol.

Risks and Issues

The following significant risks and issues have already beed identified with the IoT:

The IoT devices will use significantly more bandwidth than any other type of Internet use, effectively bringing the network to its knees!, (this is already happening with the proliferation of bespoke Internet TV services)

That exposing devices to the Internet will lead to new kinds of physical security risk

That large groups of devices responding to timed prompts or alerts will lead to crippling 'storms' or 'waves' of data flowing across the Internet

That the disparate standards being developed will not work cohesively to deliver a single complete solution

That the standards being developed might be as inefficient as previous open standards, (XML), exacerbating the resource concerns highlighted above

OmniFabric already delivers solutions to address all of the above.

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