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Do Mega-Systems Exist Today?

Not Even Close

Many organisations would like to deliver fully integrated solutions that span their entire business (even small ones). However:

The computer industry does not currently offer suitable platforms.

Some vertical market vendors offer well-integrated solutions with a broad(ish) scope but the ongoing economic footprint and the complexity involved in configuring, integrating and changing these systems often makes them unattractive.

Many organisations still struggle to replace legacy mainframe solutions due to their broad scope and strong integration abilities.

The dominant programming languages in I.T today carry the same complexity as those used 50 years ago, (in most cases they are still broadly the same languages).

Organisations are forced to partition their systems into small manageable chunks, relying on people and processes to link them together.

Falling Between the Cracks

Partitioning the core systems in an organisation leads to a lack of joined up working. Some current examples below:

Serial criminals are very difficult to recognise where they cross regional or national boundaries

Medical care is inconsistently applied from area to area as most care records are only partially centralised and donít interconnect cleanly with local GP systems

Transit networks canít be interlinked to provide sensible demand management or usage based billing/taxation

International customs organisations cannot share data on border crossings, making terrorists very difficult to track

Emergency service control centres struggle to work together to resolve major incidents, usually resorting to complex manual procedures leading to poor response times and loss of life

It is prohibitively expensive for large organisations to provide a 'single consistent view' to their customers across all channels

Clearly Mega-systems can offer enormous benefit, not just financially but also in general welfare and quality of life.

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