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Complexity on a Massive Scale

Death by Complexity

For Mega-Systems the problem described on the previous page is made thousands of times worse.

So many people are involved that even the tiniest change becomes a major programme of work.

There is a continually increasing number of failed Mega-systems projects suggesting that the level of complexity caused by legacy technology platforms is more than can reasonably be managed

Recent Example

In 2011 the UK governement stopped a programme to provide a Mega-System to operate the National Health Service. the programme was supposed to integrate:

353 hospitals

1.7 million smartphones

Over 10 million smart patient care devices

34081 GP Surgeries

Over 5000 Ambulances with integrated smart terminals and local interactive devices

The above figures do not include the Policemen, Firemen, Social Workers and other care staff who interact with the NHS on a regular basis

This was estimated at 6bn and was abandoned at 12.7bn having delivered only a fraction of the claimed benefit.

It is clear this programme was significantly beyond what current technology could deliver.

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