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The Integration Challenge

High Cost & the End of Agility

Implementing lots of 'point' solutions using COTS, (commercial-off-the-shelf), packages works well for single solutions but even small businesses require many platforms to operate.

This is represented in the simplified diagram to the right.

These systems donít connect together so it is necessary to add further integration technologies, (the red jigsaw pieces)

Each solution or integration platform requires its own designers, developers, testers and support teams

Even this simple model requires management of 20 contracts with 20 different suppliers and support teams

When a change to any one system needs to be made, at least 20 teams have to get involved to determine the impact

It is necessary to employ a number of Project managers and technical architects just to manage even the smallest alterations

when a problem occurs, there are 20 different teams who all get to blame each other

Rapid and cheap change have become impossible

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