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A Brick With Personality!

All In One Handy Container

Our OmniNode on its own is just a brick, it needs to be configured to create a solution.

OmniFabric describes this as building a Personality.

Just instructing the Personality to carry out its role isn't enough,  it also needs access to all of the media, files, certificates or other assets needed.

The OmniFabric Personality also acts as a single container for everything necessary to deliver the solution, carrying its own internal addressable structure that is independent of the device it runs on.

This means that:

An OmniFabric Solution is only made up of two files - the OmniNode and the Personality.

Personalities do not need to be changed to run on different platforms - just copied.

It is only necessary to deploy one file to any platform to completely upgrade or change its entire function

This simplicity is represented in the following diagram:

The diagram below gives an overview of a few of the features in an OmniFabric Personality:

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