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Although our Brick, (the OmniNode), is designed to provide a complete end-to-end solution it is not realistic to think that an existing business will migrate all of its functionality to OmniFabric in one big bang.

The OmniNode offers the ability to connect to other systems and platforms via a wide range of methods including:

ESB or SOA interface via JSON, XML or restful services

External database connections, (directly on some OS platforms only but via the Fabric on the rest)

Consumption of Libraries or DLL's on the native platform with a smart layer that can describe their interfaces in real language

Consumption and aggregation of web pages or other HTTP delivered content through a smart web client

These methods of connection can also be extended across the Application Fabric to allow small local devices to connect directly to larger platforms, allowing mobile devices to execute queries on large centralised databases etc.

This makes OmniFabric easy to embed into any existing data-centre or cloud operation, allowing a gradual cut over between legacy 3GL and advanced OmniFabric solutions.

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