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Everything Is The Same

A Generic Brick

Our computers are all different, even the one's designed to work together rarely do so simply or easily.

However, our power and telecommunication systems are standard, every building in the country uses standard plugs and sockets. Every electrical device from a steam Iron to mobile phone can be powered from any power outlet.

These generic solutions have been fundamental enablers for the society we live in today.

The equivalent in computing would give every electronic device a standard computing ability, designed to offer the same interfaces, information and capabilities on everything, regardless of size, scale or physical attributes.

Anyone could assemble devices into new, complex solutions as quickly and easily as a child building with toy bricks.

This could create a different world where devices worked together to achieve any task, simply, cheaply, quickly and even automatically.

OmniFabric is the first computing platform specifically designed to make this vision a reality. It does this by being:

Small enough to run on the tiniest devices, (even the newest ranges of nano-devices)

Powerful enough to deliver with the largest computing solutions

Capable enough to replace the functionality offered by existing systems.

The next few pages will describe our new kind of brick - the OmniFabric OmniNode.

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